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Xanview Cloud CCTV

Revolutionary NVR & VMS

Xanview's Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Cloud Video Management System (VMS) make video surveilance much faster & easier.

Via a website, like YouTube™, Xanview allows you to monitor live & recorded events from one or multiple locations via a single login with just 2-3 taps!

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See What Happened

With only a few clicks

With Xanview's visual simplicity, you will see everything you wish to see in seconds by finding recordings with just two taps!

Unlike any other NVR/VMS on the market, Xanview’s unique “best image” technology thinks about what you want to see and brings your attention to relevant footage.

Our intelligent algorithms also categorise and organise footage so that you never spend any longer than a few seconds finding past events.

Xanview’s IP CCTV system makes video surveillance a piece of cake!


Trust is everything

A fine grained permissioning system allows for creating multiple user accounts. Limit user access to specific cameras, live streaming only or recorded events only. This means that you can monitor your CCTV surveillance staff.

A detailed audit log shows the Timeline access history, allowing you to find out what the users are looking at.

Xanview also reports any suspicious access immediately.

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Multiple Locations

All your security. In one place

Connect multiple locations in one log-in and forget about having to remember multiple passwords. Link all your TimeBoxes together and enjoy the ability to filter through thousands of events between locations in seconds.

Xanview is the CCTV surveillance solution for any environment.


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Xanview requires no software download or a specific operating system. Our NVR/VMS runs completely off our website so there is nothing to install.

Works with Windows or a Mac, iPhone or Android. Connects to practically any device, be it a budget or top range one.

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Local support

Xanview is based in the United Kingdom and has global business partners. We pride ourselves on providing fast, local support.

Nothing is more important to us than our customers.


Alarm, Automation, Tracking

Xanview can integrate with alarms, home automation systems, tracking devices and much more!

Reap the benefits of having a single interface to completely control your home and office. Get in touch with us for custom solutions.

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